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Challenge: Resident Evil 5
Icons: 30-60
Notes: Credit me if you take any. Thanks. :)
Resources: See my credited resources here listed in the bio.
Others -> 1-10, 10-20, and 20-30

T E A S E R S:

Tags: albert wesker, chris redfield, jill valentine, sheva alomar
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I don't really ship them, but I think it's one of those things that is WAY under-appreciated.


Oh, and hey, may I ask you where you got that stylish little heart? I see it on a bunch of icons, but I've never come across it. I'm guessing it's a brush?
Anyways, good looking set! I'm off to go view the rest. :3
-giggles- I'm one of those silly girls that likes to ship practically every character. X3
And, I think Josh deserves an AWESOME chick like Sheva.

I've got a few other shots of him! -dances-
More Irving to come.

I got it off deviantART and I also have a font that is nothing but hearts. Let me find the links to them and I'll send them to you. :)

Ooh, and is there a way to put music on our LJs?
Ah, that's cool. ;)
I think I personally like the big bro/little sis relationship Josh and Sheva have, but I REALLY think people need to give ShevaxJosh a chance. If it makes any sense, I think I like... "passively support" that pairing. Not an OTP per say, but it gets big thumbs up in my book. :D

YAAY! Thanks, that'll really help me make fangirl-friendly icons of RE men with hearts on them. xD

Oh, by the way, I found a treasure trove of Resident Evil cutscenes on a fansite... which includes Zero and Umbrella Chronicles~! I'm screencapping UC right now, and I'm going to make zip files of the caps once I'm done to share with people. You'll be the first person to get them. ;)
Yeah, I see a bro/sister relationship between Sheva and Josh, but I just love the thought of a pairing between them. It will never happen for real, though. But, it's all good lol.

SWEET! I'll have to use some of them when you upload them. :D

YAY!!!!! -dances- I can't wait. :D

Sorry, it's taking me so long to answer you back lol.