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Challenge: Resident Evil 5 (including downloadable content)
Icons: 1-10
Notes: Credit me if you take any. Thanks. :)
Resources: See my credited resources here listed in the bio.

T E A S E R S:

Tags: chris redfield, sheva alomar
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Deleted comment

Thanks so much! That one really gave me a hard time lol.
I had to get the angle just right. XD
Baw'd like a little girl over 'Brave Soldier'

...Just saying. Also snagged uuuh. Almost all of these. Will credit with use. Thanks!
DUDE! Doug rocked! ♥

Wow! Thanks! I hope you enjoy them. :)
Yeah I totally LOVED Doug. I was really impressed that they made him such an engaging interesting character in such a short span of time---

and then killed him. /sob.

They're really excellent, absolutely gorgeous!
Oooh yeah! Doug's the type of guy you want to have on the mission
with you. And, it showed a side of Josh we had yet to see. I have
a soft spot for Josh as well lol.

Wow! You're too kind. (hugs)