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version 1; infection

Welcome to biohazard100!! Like a million others, this is a 100 icons challenge community, only this time- for Biohazard. Any era, any game, any movie, etc.

So what IS a 100 icons challenge?? I'll explain. You claim a subject by commenting on the claims post. Once you're acknowledged and added to the claims list, it's your job to make 100 icons of your subject. Simple, yeah? It's fun. And when you complete it, you'll get a shiny banner. Who could want more?? You don't need to be great at graphics to participate; you're encouraged to take a shot regardless of how great you are. Have fun with it.

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- This community is for Biohazard characters, enemies and the like. Out of 100, I'm sure we can let one or two slip by, but try to keep the icons Biohazard related.

- To prevent unwanted spamming, posting access is not open. When you've made a claim and it's been acknowledged you will be given posting access. :)

- You may claim one subject at a time, due to the fact that there are a limited amount of characters in the series and we want there to be enough to go around.

- You still have the same amount of time to complete the challenge if you do two subjects at once. If you don't touch one or both for long enough and someone else takes the claim, you cannot use this as an excuse.

- Only one claim can be made for each subject at a time, though the subject is free again once the other person has completed their challenge. Click here to see the claims list or make your own claim. If you'd like to drop a claim at any time, comment on the same entry.

- You do NOT have to make all 100 icons at once. You can post them in groups. There (as of now) aren't themes or time limits, but we'll make them when the community gets rolling.

- Please do NOT steal icons that others have made and claim them as your own, or edit them and claim them as your own. This is your ONLY warning. If you are caught stealing or claiming other icons as your own, you will automatically lose your challenge, and be banned.

- If your posts contain more than three icons, please use an LJ-cut. If you use a cut, you may post a teaser with three icons, maximum. Also keep anything inappropriate behind a cut. We're probably all pretty strong-stomached, being horror fans and all, but just drop a line warning before the cut if there needs to be one. Be considerate and use your judgment.

- The whole purpose of this is to be CHALLENGED. That said- do NOT post icons you've made already. That's easy. The whole point is to make new ones.

- Try to use this format when you post:

Themes: [until we get themes set up, just say 1-15, 34-50, 85-100, etc.]
Warnings/Disclaimers: [if they apply]
Credit: [for sources of brushes, bases, pictures, etc.]
Notes: [if you have anything to add, if you want to state conditions of using icons, stuff like that]

- If you're doing more than one subject at once, use separate posts for each.

- When your challenge is complete, a banner will be made for you in due time. :D

- If you have any questions, leave them in the FAQ post where we'll do our best to answer for you. Read over existing questions to see if yours is already there.

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Some useful places concerning the community....

Claims List
Completed Challenges List

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If you'd like to be an affiliate, comment here and we'll set it up. ^^

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If you need ANYTHING else, feel free to contact a mod and we'll do our best to help you.